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Hospital visits are already bad in and of themselves if you're in pain, but one of the biggest hurts they can put on you is in your wallet and potentially cause you to suffer with years of debt if you're not prepared to deal with them. What makes it tough to deal with hospitals as one expert found is that many of them have monopolistic prices in the areas they serve and tend to look for hidden fees to tack on at any given turn. So what can you do when faced with these fees after treatment?

One way to avoid exorbitant hospital fees is to get treatment at an urgent care clinic where possibly you can get treated for way less than the cost of emergency rooms. You also need to make sure you're always staying on top of health insurance payments and ensuring that everyone knows the exact hospital you should be taken to to receive treatment so you're not as likely to see your costs run up. Ultimately if you cannot avoid hospital expenses, then you should be prepared with out-of-pocket savings for emergency costs, but if you're short on those then you should get in touch with us here at St. Joseph Title Lending.

We have financing options here at St. Joseph Title Lending that can be used for not only emergency room and medical situations, but any situation that you need a little extra cash. Our main services are through auto title loans St. Joseph which are loans you can use if you have a vehicle whether it's a small car, minivan, pickup truck, RV or motorcycle. But how do these loans work and why should you consider them? They have some unique characteristics that we'll explain to you.

About Title Loans

All too often seeing money in your bank account is too long a wait when you have emergency payments to make, especially if your employer only pays you once every week, or maybe even as infrequently as every two weeks or once a month. Sometimes you can't afford to wait that long, and you realize you need a hardship loan immediately. The one small problem is you go to your bank and find out they can't help you because they don't offer any small personal hardship loans, or even if they do they have too many credit requirements that you don't meet. And even if you did, maybe they told you it would take a week or potentially longer for approval and releasing the funds to you. This is where we can speed everything up with our auto title loans St. Joseph and make sure you don't have to work around all that red tape and wait days or weeks for money that should be yours today.

When we issue auto title loans St. Joseph, it's possible to get your funds the same day or by the next day because we have a very quick approval process. We're not affiliated with banks and do not have to consult with the chain of command, or go through the same kinds of rigorous risk assessments that banks do. Our primary concern is that we're making a loan to you based on the value of your vehicle, and that you can repay it based on your current situation.

How it Works

Auto title loans work differently in every state because while the federal government has a little say in the overall administration of them, it's primarily up to the states what the laws on them are. To be eligible for auto title loans St. Joseph, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must be at least age 18 to apply

2. You must be a Missouri resident and your vehicle title must show that it is kept in Missouri

3. You must own the vehicle completely and not have any outstanding auto loans due on it, or other liens stated on the title

4. You must sign the form stating you are able to repay your title loan

Understand that you will only be able to borrow in proportion to what your vehicle is worth with auto title loans St. Joseph, and usually that's a loan-to-value ratio of about 25-30℅, though sometimes you may be able to get as much as 50℅. Also, the maximum amount you can borrow against any vehicle in Missouri is $5,000. You're given 30 days to repay auto title loans, but if you pay back the interest only each month you can roll it over into the next one. However, after you do this twice all subsequent payments must reduce the loan principal due by 10℅ in addition to paying off interest until the loan is completely paid off.


Apply Info

Applying online first here at St. Joseph Title Lending makes it quicker to get your title loan funds, but you will need to visit our agency to get the final paperwork filed. You can schedule an appointment after completing the online application, and then make sure you bring the following with you:

1. Your vehicle to be inspected

2. Your vehicle title

3. Your government-issued photo ID for verification purposes

4. One other document such as a pay stub or bank statement

Once we've inspected your vehicle and completed the paperwork, we'll place a lien on your title and hold it in a secure location. The lien will be removed and your title returned once all payments and fees are paid off. You can still keep driving your vehicle as normal during that time.